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OS&CO is a company business with a continuous operation from 1995. Built and expanded its manufacturing facilities in the United States to serve and further emphasize product quality and service. Our product pricing has also become more competitive as a result


Our company is the research and promotion of nutrients that help in the treatment of serious medical conditions such as in Chronic Kidney Disease, Celiac Disease and Diabetic where patients have intolerance to specific constituent elements of food. We have created lines of product that is focused on the well being of patients. We choose among the best and more pure products relying on the best reliable and experienced proven producers all over the world who have handled and known best the needs for such severe and crippling condition. Currently, separated lines of food one for low protein content, one without any Gluten and a line Sugar free have been elaborated, merchandised and promoted with success. This food is highly screened and directly subjected to a strict quality screen directly at the production line via on-site laboratories with the most sophisticated instrument to analyze and screen every chemical and microbiological imperfection to obtain the highest quality and purity for each batch of food. Our products are subjected to a very efficient system of quality assurance so that every nutrient ready for consumption is analyzed in great detail, thereby allowing the products to be to be safe and respect the health of the suffering patients or healthy individuals who suffer from food intolerance.